Class Of 1970 Reunion 2021

Class of 1970 Reunion Commitee is busy planning our 50 + 1 Reunion for fall of 2021.  We are currently planning on September 10th,11th and 12th of 2021. Follow us at our Class of 1970 Facebook Page.

The status of the Alumni Associations dinner and Golf outing is still to be determined. It may include our class and the class of 1971. We will update the status of the Alumni Dinner as we find out more.

The plan is to have events over the 3 day period including a new alumni  party for all years. It was a very successful event last year. You can find out more at the Green Alumni Party Facebook page for this group.

Our main event for the 1970 class will be September 11th at the Portage Lakes home of  Margie “Thornton” McDonnell. More details to follow.

If you haven’t already please signup on our contact list.